God’s Waiting Room

2020, Religion, Islam  -  49 min Leave a Comment
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Being only one of two commercial operators countrywide and boasting an array of nine hearses and eleven full-time staff, Taslim Funerals takes on the mammoth job of catering for Islam’s dead.

With up close and personal access to the moving stories of a variety of funerals, this film reveals a religion which is just as much a comforting code for life as it is a form of worship, but where the ‘rules’ on how you bury your dead are paramount.

We meet Terry, a non-Muslim, who honours his Muslim dad’s final wish to be buried as Allah intended. We see the different roles men and women play, when Esah lays her husband to rest, and the comforting philosophy Islam provides for both Ashik faced with burying his premature baby, and Alusine in saying farewell to his twin brother. The hardest realities of necessary red tape are most vividly brought into focus when a husband has to wait several months before he is finally able to bury his murdered wife.