Going Undercover as a Mexican Drug Lord

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In this documentary, former undercover DEA agent Celerino Castillo III shares how he helped train death squads, participated in search and destroy missions, and blew up cocaine labs.

Celerino Castillo ended up in law enforcement because both his father and his sister had been in law enforcement. So it came as no surprise when he ended up working in there too. In Vietnam he witnessed a fellow soldier dying from a drug overdose and he promised that if he ever made it back home alive, he would become a DEA agent.
Castillo has worked in Colombia and the jungles of Peru in Search And Destroy Missions. In Guatemala he trained anti narco terrorist units and did a lot of undercover work.

Castillo has been a cop, detective, and DEA agent. He was sent to Mexico to study drug smuggling cases. While there he played the role of a Mexican buyer and trafficker. One of his jobs as an agent in Mexico was to torture people.
Celerino Castillo describes the journey of illegal Mexican immigrants across the Rio Grande in Texas and compares it to the journey of drug smuggling.

According to castillo, just like illegal immigration has never been stopped, drug trafficking will never be stopped because the banking system would collapse. He states that Americans are more addicted to drug money than to drugs.