The Golden Eagle - Master of the Sky

2021, Animals  -  50 min Leave a Comment
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When the golden eagle watches for prey while gliding over its hunting ground, hardly flapping its wings, snow and black grouse, groundhogs, hares and other animals had better watch out. Even the quick kestrel can't escape when the golden eagle has it in its sights. The fox and the common raven may be more intelligent than the golden eagle, but if they aren't careful they might also end up as a meal for the young eagles in the eyrie. The golden eagle is an extremely crafty hunter: optimally exploiting all cover, it glides close to the ground over knolls and low hills along hillsides and attempts to surprise its prey from a short distance. When it spies prey, it swoops down onto it in a nosedive. The eagle has already killed the surprised prey before it even realises what is happening to it. This documentary gives an intimate portrait of this large bird of prey and tracks the birth and coming of age of two Golden Eagle chicks in the High Tatra Mountains, from the hatching of the eggs, until the moment when the young birds leave the nest. Tragic and funny moments make this movie an entertaining trip into the treetops of the European forests.