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This unusual documentary is about a man named Jim Killeen who Googled his name one day and was shocked to see other people that shared his name. And so, he was struck with a strange idea; he decided to take it a step further and embark on a year-long journey to meet and interview as many Jim Killeens as possible. Jim was interested in finding out what they have in common, their views about life, and what moves them. Of course this project took up a lot of Jim’s funds and he broke the first rule of movie producing — never use your own money. But it was something he felt he needed to do.

Originally from Detroit, Jim moved to Los Angeles to become an actor. While waiting for his “big break” he waited tables, went into sales, and even played blackjack and poker professionally. Then he started a business that provides chair massages in the largest poker rooms. But one day he woke up with the need for more. He felt that he needed to make some changes and make his life more meaningful. And in his search for meaning, he decided to make use of technology to connect with others.

With his first Google search, Jim found 24 other Jim Killeens spread out all over the world. But the list dwindled quickly because some of them had no contact information and others were suspicious of his intentions or just not interested in the project or meeting up.

Jim’s project finally begins in a city where his ancestors fled the potato famine of the 1850s; Cobh, Ireland. There he meets Jim Killeen, the priest. Then it’s on to Jim Killeen, the retired detective from New York. And next on the list is Jim Killeen the open-minded poker enthusiast/swinger in Denver, Colorado. On and on the journey goes. Jim Killeen after Jim Killeen sign up for the project and openly share their deepest thoughts, including their answers to the age-old question “what is man’s purpose?”

As he bonds with Jims from other cultures and customs, this project becomes one of the most remarkable experiences of his life. He is touched deeply by every man he meets. His search for Jims actually encourages him to share his own story and to face his truth.

Have you ever thought that a Google search for your name may lead you on a trip around the world?