Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777

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Boeing 747 - Since its first commercial flight more than thirty years ago, the Boeing 747 has flown more than two billion people a distance greater than 42,000 round-trips to the Moon.

Fasten your seat belt as GREAT PLANES examines this aviation marvel and the revolution it created in passenger air transport. Learn the roots of Jet-airline technology and Boeing's race to create the world's first jumbo jet.

Archival footage and insightful commentary explore the evolution of the classic 747 models and illustrate what it takes to stay High In The Sky.

The Boeing 777, the world's largest twin-engine commercial airplane, represents a triumph of technology - a magnificent integration of two forces that have changed our world: the computer and the airplane.

A single 777 engine can generate more thrust that the combined eight engines of a B-52 Bomber, allowing the plane to carry 300 passengers at 84% the speed of sound.

How did this remarkable machine take flight? PLANE SIMPLE recounts the events and people behind this powerhouse airplane, including how engineers went from complete digital preassembly directly to a successful production model - an incredible aviation achievement.