Guarding the Queen

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For the very first time cameras have been allowed behind the scenes at the royal palaces to see the historic and hidden world of the Grenadier Guards.

The Grenadier Guards are the most senior infantry regiment in the British Army. They are are probably best recognized as one of the five regiments of Foot Guards who stand watch outside Buckingham Palace come rain or shine.

It is easy to forget – as you see them changing the guard to the sound of a military band – that this regiment has also been involved in almost every major British campaign since its formation through to the present day.

Guarding the Queen takes viewers behind the scenes to see what life is really like for these celebrated soldiers.

Major Thorold Youngman Sullivan and right hand man Sgt Major Steve Munro have their work cut out to maintain the impeccable Grenadier standards.

The Guards on ceremonial duty are in London practising for Trooping the Colour alongside their regimental rivals, the Coldstream Guards.