Hawaii: Message in the Waves

2007, Environment  -  50 min Leave a Comment
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Hawaii: Message in the Waves is a film from the BBC Natural History Unit looking at some of the environmental challenges facing the people and wildlife of the Hawaiian Islands.

Although the documentary is from a Hawaiian perspective it is really a global film. Because of their size, location and social history, the Hawaiian Islands represent a microcosm of the planet and are in a unique position to tell all of us where we are going wrong and what we can do to help put things right.

For more than just surfers, the ocean is an integral and inseparable part of Hawaiian life. To see the magnificent waves crash upon the Hawaii's beaches, it's clear why: From a Hawaiian perspective the ocean represents the ultimate beauty and bounty of life.

The waves that carry this bounty also carry a message. It is becoming increasingly clear that the oceans, not just around Hawaii but the world over, are in peril.

Now, scientists, surfers, environmentalists, and local Hawaiians, are mobilizing to address the issue. Hawaii: Message in the Waves follows their efforts as they try to clean the waters and save the marine life that calls them home.