Hidden Secrets of Money

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Your real riches are your time and independence. Money is just an instrument for buying your time. It's a canister to hold your financial power until you're prepared and comfortable enough to re-distribute it or use it. But the whole world has been alienated from the actual money and has been tricked into utilizing a currency - a dishonest fraud that is quietly depriving you from your two most important assets.

We are spiraling into an era of economic catastrophe that is the most extreme the world has ever seen. The affluence relocation that will happen in this decade will be the biggest one in history. Actually wealth is never lost, it is only shifted. And that means that on the other side of every catastrophe there is a moment of opportunity.

The good news is that all you have to accomplish to change this crisis into your favor is to educate yourself. The greatest investment that you can make in your life is your own self-improvement and education. Education on the history of money, finance, currency, how the global economy works, etc. Education on how the central bank and the stock market can defraud you... and how they can swindle you.

If you discover what is going on and inform yourself about how the economic world works, you can place yourself on the appropriate side of this wealth relocation. Winston Churchill once said that "the further you look into the past, the further that you can see into the future".

The way the financial system operates is not totally hidden. It's visible, but it's complicated and people just don't, and can't see how it functions. It's very difficult for them to assume that we're involved in such a hoax. Besides that, some of the things are meant to be hidden, but the truth is slowly coming out.