High Drama: Honeymoon Hostage Situation

2012, Crime  -  32 min Leave a Comment
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High on a mountaintop in Ecuador - Laura Milcawich and Steve Aube stood overlooking the Valley of Longevity. The couple were honeymooning in Vilcabamba, a Mecca for backpackers and new age spiritualists looking for adventure.

They were alone when three strangers approached, demanded money, pulled machetes on the couple and held the woman hostage.

At the peak of the mountain Laura and Steve stood near a white cross when three masked men headed towards them. The three masked men forced the couple onto their knees, ordering them to take off their shoes while they went through their bags looking for cash.

But the terror had just started. The men demanded three thousand dollars – an impossible deadline for Steve. With only two hours to make the four hour trek, Steve made a run down the mountain in his bare feet.