How a Dreamer Changed the World

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This is a profile on late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a technological visionary who overcame numerous setbacks on his path to success. This short documentary features interviews with several of Jobs' colleagues and business associates who recount the adversities faced, and his ultimate triumph as a computer pioneer.

A longhaired dreamer described by friends as a traditional "hippie," Jobs dropped out of Reed College and travelled before returning to his childhood home in the Bay Area of California. It was upon his return that he presented his concept of a personal computer to his friend and future business partner, Steve Wozniak. Together they designed the Apple I, setting in motion a turn of events that would impact the future of technology for decades to come.

Tracing the evolution of the early model Apples and their groundbreaking features from color graphics to the mouse, the would-be turning point for Jobs and company came in 1984 with the debut of the Macintosh. Revolutionary in its user-friendly interface, the Macintosh paved the way for personal computers still in use today; however, the initial launch didn't translate immediately into profit, causing many on the Apple Board of Directors to question Jobs' leadership at the company and delivering a hit to his reputation.

Ultimately ejected from Apple, Jobs created a new company, NEXT, with the continued ambition to create a world-changing computer. It was during this time that Jobs turned his attention to operating systems instead of hardware, focused on his personal life, and undertook a new venture in entertainment with the purchase of Pixar Animation, an investment that made Jobs a billionaire thanks to the success of their first feature film, Toy Story.

In the ten years that had passed since Jobs' ousting from Apple the company had suffered greatly, often failing to compete with Windows. Having a renewed interest in Apple, Jobs sold NEXT to the company and returned as interim CEO. In an unprecedented move, Jobs secured an investment from competitor Bill Gates in order to revitalize the Mac brand with the debut of the candy-colored iMac desktops and clamshell laptops that paved the way for the personal technology still in use today, from the iPod to the iPhone.

Representing Jobs as an incorrigible salesman and charismatic public figure, this edition of GAME CHANGERS provides a succinct overview of his life's work.