How Starbucks Really Became A Coffee Giant

2020, Business  -  17 min Leave a Comment
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This video showcases how Starbucks, under the leadership of Howard Schultz, rose from obscurity to opening a new store somewhere in the world every 8 hours. As you’ll come to discover, Schultz didn’t found Starbucks, but he did create the foundation for an exciting and new direction in the company. That iconic white cup and green straw were born from international inspiration and the desire to offer America a higher quality brew. At a time when coffee was weak and watered down, it seems ridiculous to suggest that anybody would pay top dollar for a drink they could barely pronounce. Frappa-what? Cappu-who? This video shows you how Schultz used his singular vision to drive Starbucks to the top, changing and molding a new culture in the image he designed. Starbucks, as you’ll soon learn, teaches you how to remain true to your vision in spite of what everyone else is telling you.