How The White House Was Won

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It was a long and bitter race that lasted months and cost at least $2.5 billion dollars. This documentary takes you on a tour of the US 2012 presidential campaign, from the high and low moments, to the Spin Room, to the noisy campaign ads that blanketed the swing states. Look back on how the 2012 presidential campaign was won… and lost.

The 2012 elections lasted for many months and broke many records. For a long time the general assumption was that the results would depend mostly upon how good or badly the US economy was doing. But surprisingly, in the end it all boiled down to how the two campaigns sold their canditate to the public. Apparently, too many got caught up in the non-essential marketing aspects of the campaign while some of the real concerns of American voters were shoved to the sidelines.

While both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney promised to lead the country on totally different paths, neither of them was willing to directly address the root causes of America’s economic crisis: Wallstreet. They both went through a lot of effort trying to score points with the public, while completely ignoring the facts, areas, and issues that affected millions of people.