How We Made Our Millions

2011, Economics  -  60 min Leave a Comment
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Is the question that everyone wants an answer to. What is the secret to extraordinary success? Is it grit, is its determination, luck, or is it who you actually know? Peter Jones has been in business now for some thirty years and he can tell you that all successful entrepreneurs share a few unique qualities, certain traits that give them the upper hand. But what are they and can they be learned?

He's on a mission to find out what drives Britain's best entrepreneurs and uncover the human side that determines their success or failure. He wants them to reveal their individual recipes for success so he can discover just how they made their millions. Success in business isn't a fine science. Peter Jones has turned tiny startups into multi-million-pound companies but not all of his ventures have succeeded. Business is tough. But he always believed there are certain factors that can give us all a fighting chance. He's on a journey to get inside the minds of two of the country's top business people and he's hoping to discover the ways in which the most unlikely characters become multi-millionaires.

Peter will be spending time with Richard Reed, founder of a smoothie company with a 165 million pound turnover, and Michelle Mone, the self-made inspiration behind a multi-million-pound lingerie business and who, according to the rich list, is worth 50 million pounds. Have they both followed the same blueprint to success or is it their difference that matters most?

Richard is leading a new wave of entrepreneurs who have embraced a business style pioneered in the US by companies like Google. He believes that if his employees feel at home they'll be extra productive. But despite opting for an open collar Peter still felt overdressed. Richard has set up the fruit company in 1999 with fellow graduates and today he sells over two million bottles of smoothies a week.