Ice Breakers

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Josh Crooks believes he was born to play hockey. As the only Black player in an overwhelmingly White sport, it gets lonely sometimes. Josh is extremely gifted and has a lot of leadership potential that some of his coaches have been quick to identify and explore.

Most people believe that African-Canadians have never played hockey, however, history proves that from 1895 to 1930 there was a Colored Hockey League founded in Nova Scotia. This league featured teams from across Canada’s Maritime Provinces and might have paved the way for young men like Josh to play the sport. Despite all of the data and the evidence of the existence of this league, they are not recognized as contributors to the history of the game, however.

Playing hockey a few decades ago is quite different from what it is now, but only because people no longer openly share their racist ideas. Still, Josh has sometimes experienced tension and passive/aggressive comments.

Awareness can bring about change. Maybe one day soon humans will freely break down the walls that divide and limit us. And maybe young men like Josh will be able to contribute to that change.