I'm a Conservative

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There's no proof of an effective method within the ideas of conservatism that can offer sustainability. The same applies to our culture. Now we live during a period of time where science continues its progressive advancements.

The technological capabilities continue to enhance year by year, and the ideas of social sustainability are taking roots within the media that we consume as well as the the academic world.

Yet despite all of these positive developments in the society which can help us to arrive at a much more healthiest society, the ideas of conservatism are still very much alive today across the planet.

Now the point which we're trying to make here is that conservatism as and ideology is outdated and it has no place and healthy progressive society.

Around 70% of the governments within the EU as of November 2012 identify themselves as right wing. A pool conducted in May 2012 revealed that 46% of Americans identified themselves as total conservatives on economics issues, and 38% as total conservatives on social issues as well.

Seeing such numbers requires serious consideration. Let's look at the definition of conservatism: The tendency to resist great or sudden change, or the belief that society should change as little as possible.

The definitions speaks for itself. We take issue with the ideology of conservatism because it could be a stranglehold on many of the advancements that we will benefit from, facing the very fact that conservatism in and on itself is based upon the idea of holding things back in the name of traditional values, which do not contribute to the health of society.