In The Executioner’s Shadow

2018, Society, Crime  -  53 min Leave a Comment
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The death penalty is one of America's most polarizing practices. Meet an executioner, a bombing victim struggling with justice, and parents whose child was murdered, in this doc, exploring capital punishment.

A documentary that casts a penetrating look at the consequences of the death penalty through three powerful stories - the rare perspective of a former state executioner who comes within days of executing an innocent person; a Boston Marathon bombing victim who struggles to decide what justice really means; and the parents of a murder victim who choose to fight for the life of their daughter's killer. As the battle to overturn capital punishment comes to a head in the U.S., this provocative film challenges viewers to question their deepest beliefs about justice. As wrongful convictions, botched executions, and a broken justice system inch further into the spotlight, we must consider: What is justice? What part should the death penalty play? 

Directed by: Margaret Burnette