In Transition 2.0

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"In Transition 2.0" is a documentary about the Transition movement. Transition stimulates the creative juices of people on the streets to get together beyond their differences, to make the best use of their resources, their energies, their spirits.

It's not about trying to change behaviour, it's about setting in place structures which can be available when needed. When there's the perceived need for them, they're there.

Transition is moving towards an economy where everyone has a place, a value and a purpose. That includes the environment having a purpose, but also people. Transition is about engaging your community, building your community and helping your community.

There are over 1800 Transition Initiatives around the world. It starts with a group of people coming together, and that group can come from a range of different places. They might be a group that's already been meeting as something else, it might be a group of people who already know each other but don't work formally together. It might be a group of people who meet at an event or in the pub and say, 'Why don't we start Transition?' But that initial coming together of people, that forming the group, is the seed for the whole process.

The groups are part of a five-year experiment and they go through a number of stages. The first stage, is 'starting out'... creative, playful, storming stage where you're showing films, putting up posters, organizing events, doing awareness-raising stuff, starting to lay the foundations for what will become the Transition Initiative.

The second stage is called 'deepening', where you realize all of a sudden, that you're becoming an organisation and you're having to make things a bit more structured and a bit more formal.' It feels very different from that initial starting-out phase. It feels like you are becoming an organisation.