Indigo Children

2016, Mystery  -  24 min Leave a Comment
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Another provocative investigative piece from VICE News, Indigo Children examines the claims of a small community of people who believe they have been endowed with mystical powers beyond everyday human comprehension or capability. The medical community, however, vehemently disagrees with these claims. In their view, these individuals are afflicted with the far more common and clinical diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

In an attempt to discover the truth behind these opposing viewpoints, investigative journalist Gavin Haynes embeds himself among several members of the Indigo Children community. These individuals have formed factions across the country, and they meet regularly to discuss what they believe are their singular gifts.

Their New Age movement began in the 1970s when they were first identified by the indigo-colored aura that shrouded them. They believe they are astral beings placed on our planet to help us reach our higher purpose and spread beauty and grace throughout the world. They purport to have psychic and healing abilities and a strongly spiritual inner core.

With a healthy dose of skepticism and good humor, Haynes enjoys a reading of past lives from a leading figure in the movement, visits a mother and daughter who run a holistic dentistry practice, and even attends a concert performed by a rap group whose art reflects the pursuits of the Indigo community. In spite of their unconventional beliefs, these subjects come across as congenial, thoughtful and confident in themselves.

The flip side of the coin rests in the medical community. Haynes speaks with a clinical psychologist who urges these subjects to pay heed to the mental illness that exists beneath their mystical facade. These individuals suffer from a well-documented medical condition, he argues, and their avoidance of proper treatment has only deepened their fall into mental disrepair and delusion. Their family members also aren’t immune to scrutiny as the doctor discusses their role in furthering a destructive way of thinking for their children.

Indigo Children takes a brief journey that is sometimes wacky, but always thought-provoking. At its center lies an issue for the ages. It exposes the oftentimes thin line between gifted and afflicted.