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inFact with Brian Dunning is the web video series that gives you the real facts behind popular myths. Some people say a global catastrophe will kill millions in 2012. Have you heard there's an island of floating garbage the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Has anyone ever told you that a shot of wheatgrass juice is nature's superfood? Did the US Navy make an entire ship disappear in a 1943 experiment that went awry? Do you ever hear people talking about energy fields? What does that mean?

We've all heard that fast food is terribly unhealthy. But have you ever looked into where calories and fat really come from? Some say nuclear energy is ready to make a comeback; some say it's still too dangerous. How do you know which to believe?

Can you really detect ghosts using a few basic instruments? We're going to take a look at these tools and find out. They say leaving your plastic water bottle in the car will heat it up and leach dangerous toxins into the water. Should you be concerned?

Think you're going to make a million dollars in network marketing? Give me the next three minutes of your time. Did Navy hydrophones pick up the sounds from an impossibly huge sea creature?

Is buying locally grown produce a good way to be green and help the environment? Antivaccine activists claim that vaccines contain all sorts of terrifying poisons. Is this true?

Can simple foods and supplements actually boost your immune system? Promoters of quack products are always saying you need to detoxify your body. What does that really mean?

Everyone says organic food is better for you, and better for the environment. But is that true, or is it just eco-marketing rhetoric? Think you know how to use and recognize logical fallacies in arguments?

They tell you that environmental toxins are all around you, making you sick. Ever wonder why you've never seen a victim of these so-called toxins? This will tell you. Why do so many people believe in completely improbable conspiracy theories?