Inside the Garbage of the World

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We're living on a beautiful planet and as a human race we've been here for thousands of years. Our planet didn't need to be protected; life was flourishing on its own, with its own agenda. However for the past 100 years we've made a tremendous impact with our footprint due to the growth of world population and the industrialization of our everyday life. Economy, profit and capitalization became more important than respecting our planet and an ancient knowledge to advance a new way of life.

Greedy organizations have perverted our past legacy for a quick and disregardful fix to our new suggested needs. The introduction of the concept that we're living one life and disappear subrogated the spiritual knowledge of the ancient - that we're passing life through ourselves from the past to the future. Materialism is today the main purpose of our lives... being bombarded with commercials and publicity all over the world.

Today we're at the threshold that can't be reversed if we don't stop consuming the way we do as a human race. Pollution is becoming a devastatingly huge problem that will endanger humanity for generations to come. One such pollutant is our use of single-use plastic. Civilization is plainly on an irrational course and the situation currently is close to hopeless. If we don't fix what we're doing to the oceans we'll ruin the building blocks of life.

Everything we share, which is the ocean, belongs not to corporations or any individual. It belongs to the world as a whole and that's getting trashed. When we start losing those resources we'll lose our very quality of life. Our business system, environment system and our social system is not going to survive... it cannot survive. All the other species are suffering because of us. We'll also lose the ability our future generations to enjoy the quality of life that we were fortunate enough to have.