Inside the U.S. Secret Service

2004, Society  -  93 min Leave a Comment
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Learn more about the U.S. Secret Service that you ever thought possible as National Geographic cameras venture into uncharted territory to bring viewers the most comprehensive view of the secretive government agency ever. From the remarkable measures taken to protect the President and his family to an agents-eye view of the job duties and a look at the exhaustive training program it takes to join this elite agency, you won't believe your eyes when National Geographic cameras start rolling and the secrets of the Secret Service are revealed.

A really good look at what the Secret Service is all about. Great history and current information. Having had a small taste of it when the first President Bush paid a visit and I was an attendee at a function, I can attest to the thorough job that is done before, during and after his appearance. Truly amazing.

Directed by: Peter Schnall