Into the Future: Transport

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The road to realizing a fully functional and mass produced electric car has been a rough one, but the automotive masters in Asia have been leading the race. The documentary Into the Future: Transport outlines the tremendous challenges associated with producing low-emission electric-powered vehicles, and convincing the public of their appeal as a viable, preferable option to traditional gas guzzlers.

"There's no question that what we see today is a global race across all the continents to produce a safe car and an efficient car," says Hans Greimel of Automotive News. The regions which are currently on the cusp of significant automotive innovations include Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, whose government recently dedicated 300 million dollars in support of new transport technologies.

Some of these electric vehicle (EV) models are radically futuristic in design; otherworldly and sleek designs recall the types of flying cars we're accustomed to viewing on science fiction shows like The Jetsons. But while these prototypes are effective in garnering massive buzz for a world of transportation far beyond our current one, the real work is being done to outfit popular and long-existing designs with this emerging technology.

In those instances, efficiency and practicality are the dominant goals and the most daunting hurdles to overcome. The research and product development efforts of the battery manufacturing industry lie at the forefront of meeting these challenges. The battery cells needed to power an EV for any desirable length of distance has long been too bulky and untenable. But by adapting and expanding upon the breakthroughs of nanotechnology, researchers have been working diligently to produce compact battery cells that can perform at a greater capacity.

Adaptation is another key consideration. When the electric-powered car eventually takes hold of the automotive marketplace to a widespread degree, the landscape of our roads and our way of life will undergo a profound metamorphosis. One such change will involve the construction of charging stations which must populate endless corners throughout the globe. The worldwide acceptance of EV technology cannot occur without a societal shift in thinking. With great insight and optimistic energy, Into the Future: Transport illustrates the work that is currently being done to make this shift a reality.