Jim McVicker: A Way of Seeing

2012, Art and Artists  -  30 min Leave a Comment
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A documentary about Jim McVicker, a painter who lives and works in the wild and woolly landscape of California's "Lost Coast."

This is the Pacific coast of Humboldt County, just south of the Oregon border - a largely roadless, sparsely populated zone of giant trees and salty little towns.

This film is Granrud's exploration of Jim McVicker's world, and a tribute to his work. We follow the painter as he works in the places he loves: The meadows, forests, harbors, the little weather-beaten towns, and the ragged sea-cliffs of Humboldt County.

The scenery is entrancing, and watching this painter as he drinks it in, and then translates it into his own artistic language, is a joy.

Granrud then goes further, and strives for a deeper understanding of the bond between this remarkable artist and his astonishing native ground.