Julius Caesar's Rome

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Julius Caesar’s Rome, a two-DVD set, carries its audience back to Ancient Rome, a civilization that was born in 753 BCE on the banks of the river Tiber in modern Italy and ended with the fall of Constantinople in modern Turkey in 1453 CE. The first DVD narrates the life of Julius Caesar, Anthony, and Cleopatra. The narration of the life of both Anthony and Cleopatra is too long due to some lousy acting that history lovers should have been spared.

The second DVD starts with the legendary foundation of Rome in 753 BCE and ends with the reign of Justinian, the great emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 6th century CE. The second DVD is an invitation to further explore the glorious past of Rome and its relevance to our western society.

The photography in both DVDs is usually compelling, the interviews with leading archaeologists are most often interesting, and the narration of Joe Mantegna is to-the-point and accessible.