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From the author: I plunged myself (heart, body, and soul) into the Amazon jungle I feared so much. I drank with the shamans as much of their sacred beverage, ayahuasca, as I could get my hands on... trying to reach my subconscious, trying to understand the Universe, trying to heal myself.

Desperately trying to forget the corruption, the greed, the swarms of stinging, biting insects, the avalanches, and rattletrap, smoky buses. Not to mention the kidnapping.

Kakaram combines images of the rain forest with humorous animated sequences and interviews with best-selling author John Perkins, internationally acclaimed painter and healer Pablo Amaringo, as well as a host of shamans, healers, derelicts, and anyone else who would stand in front of the microphone.

From the streets of Quito to the jungle trails of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the movie follows the filmmaker in her quixotic quest to find untouched indigenous communities.

Kakaram chronicles both her inner and outer journeys as her original vision and plans evolve in surprising and fascinating ways.