Keep Drifting Fun

2012, Sports  -  30 min Leave a Comment
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Motorsport enthusiasts turned indie filmmakers, Will Roegge and Joshua Herron, introduce viewers to the sport of "drifting" in this short-form documentary. The film opens with competitive drifters acknowledging that the sport of drifting may be ridiculous, likening it to the risk/thrill dynamic of skydiving. "Who in their right mind wants to jump out of a plane?" - one interviewee asks - but ultimately the answer is simple and direct: it's fun. And to take it on the word of those interviewed, once you try drifting you'll never want to stop.

Drifting itself is a driving technique in which the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction which results in the rear slip angle being greater than the front slip angle, to the degree that the front wheels are pointing in the opposite direction of the turn. Think spinning out on an icy, winter road, but on purpose.

Taking viewers on a tour of drifting events around the country, the filmmakers capture interviews with drifters both amateur and professional. The film mixes personal perspectives on drifting with extensive action footage of the sport itself, which seems to land somewhere between traditional car racing and demolition derby. Many of the participants interviewed liken the rush of drifting to that of other action sports such as BMX biking and skateboarding, and suggest drifting is a natural next step for those who may be looking for a similar high-speed thrill with less of the direct physical impact of riding a bike or board.

Those on the professional end of the spectrum reflect on how they became interested in drifting and the time it took to learn how to drift properly through practice in controlled spaces and on the advice of others active in the sport. The interview subjects each place an emphasis on drifting "for the right reasons" with credit given to Matt Petty, co-founder of Club Loose, one of the leading drifting communities, for being focused on having fun and drifting for the pleasure of it over the pursuit of monetary sponsorships. Explaining that more money goes into drifting than is made from it, those looking to make the commitment to drifting are cautioned to pursue it for passion over profit.

Directed by: Will Roegge