Killer Kids

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Not a lot of people know that the Philippines actually borrowed the US constitution when they were setting up their current political system, which is great, except for the fact that American politics has become highly contentious and intensely partisan.

But in the Philippines, they're taking this to a whole new level. With more than 1,200 political assassinations in the last decade alone, the Philippines is one of the deadliest places on earth for politicians. So VICE sent Ryan Duffy to follow one of the nation's most gunned-after candidates as he registers for reelection.

It's election season in the Philippines, and for those bold enough to run for office, that means guns, armed convoys, and plenty of violence. Now, the Philippines is already the most dangerous place on earth to run for political office, because in a corrupt system, politicians can amass huge amounts of wealth and power if they hold top government positions. So as a result, they arm themselves to the teeth and build private militias, which, because of political infighting, turn the country's provinces into full-on war zones.

This year, as America begins to wind down the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in US history, we're seeing some very disturbing trends developed there. The Taliban have recently refined their terror tactics in such a way as to be almost unimaginable. VICE went to Kabul to see just what impact these new tactics are having.

The most successful suicide attack of all time was 9/11. In fact, it was powerful that it led to the US invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan. 11 years ago, the US Army invaded Afghanistan with the sole purpose of getting Al Qaeda and Taliban. Today, the US government is entering into negotiations with the Taliban to see just how much power they will gain when our troops leave. This is a direct result of the Taliban's successful use of terror techniques, suicide attacks, and suicide bombing.

Recently, the Taliban have adopted new strategies to wrap up suicide attacks, in an effort to gain even more leverage in their negotiations. They've discovered that using a new transportation device for their high explosives has proven very effective against the occupation. They're using children.