KONY 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous

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Kony 2012: Part II – Beyond Famous has been released. DocumentaryStorm is the first to bring you the official response from the creators of the documentary and campaign. Controversial. A few weeks ago, DocumentaryStorm was among the first to bring you Kony 2012, the campaign documentary to bring Joseph Kony to justice. The documentary proved controversial. The organization behind the video was put into question. The war was two decades old, yet this was subtly ignored. Kony is no longer in Uganda. Footage used in the documentary was taken from other African countries.

We made sure to bring you balanced reporting. Updates were posted, with many articles questioning the validity of the directors’ claims.

Kony 2012 has become one of the most popular documentary films to circulate the internet in 2012.

BEYOND FAMOUS is the official response to the criticism.