Korubo: A Fight to the End

2004, Nature  -  57 min Leave a Comment
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The last white men these Amazon hunters killed were three loggers on the Quixito River. The Korubo go out from time to time to collect some of the enemy's souls, to honor their dead and revenge them. Their hunting party begins on a low heat. A vegetable resin is the aromatic fuel for the hunting session to come. The weapon which defines them as a people, the club, is set aside for the moment. They sit on top of it, relaxed, before the cameras. The smoke, is the fragrant curtain of this centuries-old theater.

To kill men or animals, it is necessary to paint oneself red. This is what Shishu does. He uses the seeds of the annatto plant. The darts for the blowgun must be poisoned. Poison's main active ingredients are derived from a vine, which they scrape with a scraper that is made from the teeth of a monkey. These are a cultured and self-sufficient people.

The Korubo have a great appreciation for the river snails. They help them to refine their marksmanship. The shells are used to make the sites for their four meter long blowguns. After an hour, everything is ready for the hunt. Now the jungle will have to do its part.

Shishu adds counterweights to the darts impregnated with poison. He has gone out hunting for his wife, for his queen, and he listens attentively to what nature has to say. He is one of many. In these parts, nature's pyramid has no apex. Hunter and prey enjoy life equally and speak the same language.