Liberty Lives in New Hampshire

2014, Politics  -  63 min Leave a Comment
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Would you pledge to pack up everything you own and relocate to another state in order to experience true liberty? That is the idea behind Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, a compelling full-length documentary film that calls on pro-liberty reformers to move to the state of New Hampshire, as part of the Free State Project (FSP), in order to implement real change in government and exercise personal freedoms that are denied to citizens in other states.

The Free State Project members chose the Granite State after voting in 2003 and were influenced by New Hampshire resident Michele Dumas, who wrote the original list of "101 Reasons to Move to New Hampshire." The choice was determined by examining five crucial factors: government, politics, economics, geography and environment, and community and quality of life. These five factors are explored further and make a compelling case for pledging to move to the small, yet beautiful state.

Due to an already large and well-established pro-liberty community, New Hampshire has local and state laws that are unique to the state and promote personal freedoms such as legal same-sex marriages and a gun friendly culture. This documentary examines these laws and how they benefit the people already living there. However, there is so much more that needs to be accomplished in order to change things on a national level. While some might think this is idealistic, the movement has to start somewhere in order to get off the ground. The pledge to move to one state so that activism efforts are more powerful is a great way to start.

Overall, Liberty Lives in New Hampshire is inspiring in a way that regular people can take back control of their personal freedoms by making a simple pledge to move to New Hampshire. By doing this, there is hope that the people can make their government more accountable and make their voices heard. Pro-liberty people are making a change and want you to join them in their efforts. It seems American citizens can look no further than New Hampshire as a way of achieving individual liberty in the future.