Liquid Bomb Plot

2011, Crime  -  71 min Leave a Comment
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They were young men in their twenties. They had families, were well educated and most of them had no criminal history. By all outside appearances, they blended seamlessly into their UK community, and exhibited no behaviors that would arouse suspicion from the general public. But counter-terrorism experts were keeping a close watch on each of them. These seemingly normal citizens were actually members of a bold and nefarious terrorist cell with plans to carry out the deadliest mass attack since 9/11. Liquid Bomb Plot outlines their devious plot and celebrates the valiant agents who successfully thwarted them.

The United Kingdom had already been rocked by a series of recent terrorist attacks, and Scotland Yard was on edge. With the realization that potential terrorists were hiding in plain sight in their own backyard, they were motivated by an unprecedented sense of urgency.

During the course of the film, the agents take viewers step by step through their investigation. Utilizing painstaking 24-hour surveillance on a multitude of suspects, and empowered by the unrivaled intelligence gathering capabilities of United States counter-terrorism officials, they were able to ascertain the cell's means of provoking havoc and mass casualties. By injecting highly combustible compounds into everyday household soda bottles, the terrorists had crafted an ideal weapon of mayhem - improvised explosive devices that were easily transportable and inconspicuous.

They schemed to plant these devices on airplanes. If successful, this plot could have resulted in the deaths of thousands of unsuspecting victims in a matter of hours.

The agents intercepted the terrorists before they could carry out their deadly mission, and established anti-terrorism protocols that remain in place to this day. Airline passengers must limit the amount of liquid they carry with them on a plane as a direct result of this investigation.

The filmmakers capture each agent's recollections with great care and detail, and look upon their hard work, diligence and ingenuity with gratitude and awe.

Featuring beautifully rendered recreations and a pulse-pounding percussive score, Liquid Bomb Plot is as suspenseful and terrifying as our greatest works of spy fiction. In this case, however, the stakes were all too real.

Directed by: Ben Chanan