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Lobotomy tells of the atrocities committed against the country of Georgia by the Russian government and the brainwashing propaganda it used to justify it.

In the year 2000 interview with Larry King, Vladimir Putin smiled insidiously throughout the questioning. This smile was the slick smile of the Kremlin - the powerhouse of lies and story-spinning.

In ancient times, the pursuit of the Golden Fleece by Jason and his Argonauts was a legend. But although the Golden Fleece is no longer in Georgia, there remains the 'Tree of Wishes' whose magical powers are said to leave any visitor to Georgia with a need to come back again.

Georgia suffered devastatingly from Russian attacks in 2008. A controversial war, said to have been started just because the Russian president "didn't like them". The Russian people were fed deceitful lies by their government to justify the war and attack on their neighbor, Georgia.

It was perfectly organized propaganda, with simultaneously sent SMS text messages warning of Georgian attacks and fake television footage of reporters dodging Georgian bullets, which made panic spread throughout Russia. Meanwhile, although there was no actual evidence for these attacks, villages in Georgia were razed to the ground. In one operation called 'The final solution of the Georgian question' it was publicly declared by the leader of the attack in one village "We have cleaned out all there".

But an invisible danger for the Russian authorities could come from within. When Russian troops attacked and took control of the Georgian military base, one of them filmed it on their mobile phone. As they entered the soldiers barracks you can hear the surprise in their voices as they saw how the other side lived. The Georgian barracks were luxurious compared to theirs and had "fantastic beds" and windows! Their voices turned from surprise to anger as they shouted "They had everything... meanwhile we live like beggars!"

Fear is the greatest blindfold. If a government can create rampant fear among its citizens, they are given the seal of approval to protect itself from the enemy. Fear creates a blindness to the truth while playing on paranoia of attack. The get-them-before-they-get-you mentality is automatically adopted and nothing can change this mindset until it's too late.