Long Way Round

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Long Way Round is a documentary television series documenting the journey of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman from London to New York on motorcycles.

They traveled eastwards through Europe and Asia, flew to Alaska and continued by road from there to New York. In 2004 Ewan and Charley embarked on an epic Long Way Round challenge, to bike 20,000-miles, cross 12 countries and 19 time zones in just 115 days.

Riding their BMW GS R1200s, they crossed Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia to ride the Road of Bones through Siberia, over to Alaska, through Canada, North America and finished in New York.

The Long Way Round journey would challenge their view of the world and also test their physical endurance. Ewan and Charley also helped to raise awareness for the vital UNICEF projects they visited along the way.