Louis Theroux and the Nazi's

2003, Society  -  70 min Leave a Comment
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Theroux always tackles touchy subjects, sometimes with interviews that make your skin crawl. His interview with Joe Jackson, and another with the Westboro Baptist Church were gob-smacking television.

Upon his return, Theroux will be looking at the White Aryan Resistance movement in America, the KKK and Nazi’s who believe in ethnic cleansing. Bound to be unsettling and uncompromising.

Intrepid television host Louis Theroux travels through California trying to find a little humanity amongst some of America’s most notorious and committed Nazis.

Louis first encounters April Gaede at a Nazi rally where her two beautiful eleven-year-old daughters, Lamb & Lynx, sing racist songs to a captivated audience of skinheads.

April sees the world entirely through racist eyes and has made her children poster kids for the neo Nazi movement in the States. The girls at times appear endearing, but Louis quickly becomes horrified when they describe their favorite computer game, Ethnic Cleansing, and sing boisterously along to white power songs in the car.

Louis travels to Fallbrook, a small town half an hour outside San Diego to meet Tom Metzger and his family. Tom is one of America’s most famous racists. A Grand Dragon of the KKK in the seventies, a congressional candidate in the eighties, he’s now the leader of White Aryan Resistance, a self-styled revolutionary group.

However, Metzger’s life seems full of contradictions, he happily sings karaoke to a bar full of non white clientele, and while doing the rounds one day for his television repair business we meet Oscar, a mixed race chap from Peru who Tom greets warmly and describes as a friend… could it be that Tom is a hypocrite?

Tom’s support comes largely from people like Skip and his wife Heather – hardcore Nazi skinheads. During a Sunday barbecue things soon turn nasty when Louis refuses to declare if he’s Jewish...