Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists

2011, Society  -  60 min Leave a Comment
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If you take your time and compare the language and the vocabulary used by the Zionists or the Neo-Nazis, you'll see there is no difference between them in justifying their actions. Communists, fascists or Islamic extremists use the same type of justifications as the groups mentioned above. They all see themselves as right and everyone else as being wrong. Regardless of the their politics or religion, the extremists are the same thing: people who want to harm others because of their perverted ways of justifying irrational thinking and actions.

Through the lens of Louis' journalism, both Jews and Palestinians appear to be the most fanatical and delusional people in the world. It's like the whole Middle Eastern region is caught in a time trap, they are so bogged down with questions of religion and morality that they cannot move on to creating an advanced efficient society. Civilization has been in this region longer than any other region on the Earth, and yet they still have the mindset predominant in ancient times.

What's behind this mindset? Is it narcissism and an antisocial disposition, a sense of entitlement, elitism and blindness? Is it imagined mandate from the heavens to be separate and a desire to eradicate or completely destroy anyone who is not like themselves? Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear - such people are the collective enemy of the rest of humanity because our social progress is stunted by their beliefs and actions.

Directed by: Andy Wells