Love Bite

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Laurie Lipton says that there’s nobody on the planet that has drawn more than she has. She hasn’t cooked or had children. For five decades her life has revolved around drawing. In fact, she believes that it’s the reason why she has been put on Earth.

Her drawings are intricate down to the minutest detail. That attention to small parts consumes an inordinate amount of time. That’s why she’s isolated and constantly lives inside her head where she often feels as if another being is taking her for a ride.

Lipton believes that black and white is the color of ghosts, old television shows, memories, old family photographs—of past and longing. She describes herself as a very private, introverted creature and admits that a lot is hidden in her work.

People who meet her are often amazed at how ‘normal’ she looks. It’s hard for them to imagine that such a regular looking woman would be able to draw such gothic and disturbing images.

At age 60, Laurie knows there’s more behind her than ahead of her and she is determined to leave even more mindboggling work that astounds everybody, including herself.