Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition

2011, Conspiracy  -  77 min Leave a Comment
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All we require is love, but do we actually recognize what love is? Love is a concept that is chanted about in songs, logged in poems, babbled about a lot, and it's a "thing" many people crave for, mainly in the form of a significant other. Most often used phrases are: be heart focused, be adored, love is the key, love invariably wins, convey love and light, etc. People utilize it nonchalantly in dialogs in their daily lives. It is perceived as the fix to all the world difficulties.

If that's so straightforward, how come nothing has essentially transformed on our planet, regardless the evident technological advance? We still witness massacres, abuse, and war. Lot of children and noncombatants have perished in the Middle East and all over the world, as a consequence of the war apparatus under the command of madmen, who simply don't care about people holding up peace signs with the announcement of love as the agent of change.

Observing it more carefully we can see that love is one of the most misused and misinterpreted concepts. We confuse things like fulfilment, affection, commitment, responsibility, enthusiasm, aspiration, and many other feelings, notions and concepts, as love, in order to suffuse something that is absent within us.

These misinterpretations are also employed mostly unintentionally as shields to evade facing real life as it is, by observing the world with bias, instead of perceiving oneself and the world more impartially, beyond facade.

There is intimate love between human beings, maternal love, love of parents and community, self love, love for the divine, and even love for manufactured doctrines and ideas such as nations and countries. So what is in fact love? How can we illustrate or explain such a potent energy? Words are very restrictive and can only point a finger to it, but are not actually it.

Perhaps we can begin by inspecting what love isn't. When it comes to social correlations we often see dominance schemes, resentment and discontent, which are of course not love, but articulations rooted in anxiety and possessiveness. Love is associated with sentiment but feelings can't be solely founded on chemical reactions in the brain either.