Meet The Natives: England and USA

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Intriguing documentary that turns traditional anthropology on its head. Five tribesmen from a remote South Pacific island travel 10,000 miles to observe the natives of a strange and exotic land - Britain and USA.

Armed with video cameras and warm clothes, five South Pacific islanders travel around the UK recording their experiences of living with representatives of the three 'tribes' of Britain: the Working Class, the Middle Class, and the Upper Class.

From KFC bargain buckets to karaoke, housework to fox-hunting, and dog parlours to stately homes, the five ambassadors immerse themselves in modern British culture, making profound and moving observations along the way.

What natives say: "People from England and USA come here and see about us. But what if we go to them and live in their tribes and learn their customs?"

In the past 100 years the British monarchy has lost a lot of its shine. However, in a tiny corner of the South Pacific, one royal is worshipped. A far cry from Britain's most controversial prince...

The locals of Tanna eagerly await the return of Prince Philip, who they believe is an ancestral spirit who emerged from a volcano to marry the queen. "According to a prophecy, the spirit who became Prince Philip is due to return".

In anticipation, his 89th birthday saw the island irrupt in celebration, and although the 'second coming' never happened the villagers spirits aren't dampened. "One day his spirit will come and rest here".