Mom, Why Did You Circumcise Me?

2012, Society  -  11 min Leave a Comment
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This excellent personal documentary both in English and Dutch with English subtitles, follows Dutch journalist/filmmaker Michael Schaap as he learns from interviewing his own mother, circumcisers, politicians, Jews, Muslims, a restored British man, and some American activists.

From the author: "I'm a Dutch born male who came to Canada in 1981. In most European countries circumcisions are only performed for religious reasons.

In 1989 I married a fine Canadian girl and we had our first son in February of 1992. Even though my wife had not seen an uncircumcised penis until she married me, she realized that circumcision without a medical reasons was a form of abuse.

There had been some comments made by my inlaws, but after a talk with them they also realized that there was no reason for our son to be circumcised or for that matter any child without medical need there off.

December of 1992 we adopted a son and one of the first questions to us was; "do you want him to be circumcised?" Of course our answer was no.

The worlds view point regarding circumcision needs to change. Most people will admit that amputating the clitoral hood of females is abuse. There is no difference in amputating the glans hood of males.

Thank you and please continue to raise awareness about involuntary circumcision."