Monster In The Mind

2019, Health  -  58 min Leave a Comment
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Shocked to discover she is at high risk of Alzheimer’s, 83-year-old CNN veteran Jean Carper, (also the New York Times bestselling author of Stop Aging Now!, Food Your Miracle Medicine and Your Miracle Brain) embarks on a journey to face her fears and find out everything she can to avoid the disease.

Investigating Alzheimer’s place in the collective conscience, Carper laments that while working as a journalist earlier in her career, she had made a very different type of Alzheimer’s documentary and became “part of the propaganda machinery to sell Alzheimer’s to the public.”

Now, 30-years-later, Carper explores the astonishing story of a disease shrouded in mystery and branded by health care professionals with an outsized and undeserved sense of doom. Weaving together imagery from old horror films with her own experiences of high tech testing led by contemporary research leaders in the field, Carper boldly and at times humorously illustrates a societal fear reminiscent of the world’s most sensational science fiction, horror, and disaster movies. What arises is a surprisingly uplifting vision that can help us save ourselves and the world from dementia.