MonsterQuest: Season 2

2008, Mystery  -  840 min Leave a Comment
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From the beginning of time, mankind has been riveted by accounts of mysterious creatures, from mega hogs to vampires and giant spiders.

New and frequent sightings are reported throughout the world as more people come forward with photos and other evidence. Season 2 of this spellbinding series takes a fresh look at legendary beasts and seeks new proof of their existence.

Deploying state-of-the-art equipment, each episode examines the best evidence available, including photographs, videos, hair and bone samples, and the actual eyewitness accounts themselves.

Credible individuals have seen things they can't explain. It's time to sort out facts from imagination once and for all.

Includes all 20 episodes: Mega Hog, Vampire Beast, Ghosts, Ohio Grassman, Giant Killer Snakes, Super Rats, Black Beast Of Exmoor, Chupacabra, Legend Of The Hairy Beast, Vampires In America, Boneless Horror, BigFoot In New York, Lake Monsters Of The North, China's Wildman, Giant Bear Attack, Giant Squid Ambush, Monster Spiders, Jaws In Illinois, Real Dragons, and Sasquatch Attack II.