Music Changes Lives

2011, Performing Arts  -  161 min Leave a Comment
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Filmed over the course of a school year, Music Changes Lives follows the progress of two Dublin schools - St. Agnes's in Crumlin, and St. Ultan's in Cherry Orchard, both of which are providing compulsory music tuition for all children in the schools. The results are astounding.

Music Changes Lives is a groundbreaking and inspirational four-part observational documentary series about the transformative power of music. Through extraordinary access to their personal stories, the series will show how the simple act of learning to play an instrument can give children a better chance in life, a fresh start and a brighter future.

Every child in the school now has the opportunity to play an instrument and many do. In a much wider social context, what this project has also achieved is a vast improvement in discipline and behaviour issues in the schools and has also fostered a much more positive outlook for future prospects and expectations among the students.