My Big Witchy Wedding

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Mihaela Minca is considered the most powerful witch in Europe. As her son prepares to take to the aisle in an arranged marriage, a camera crew prepares to capture what is sure to be a lavish spectacle and a major cultural event for the region. The oddball and breezy My Big Witchy Wedding is the resulting documentary, an intriguing examination of how ancient rituals and customs can survive in our fast-paced and permissive modern society.

At 17 years of age, her son Antonio is about to enter a profound new stage in his life like any groom-to-be. But his circumstances are a little different from the norm. He is marrying his cousin - a beautiful young virgin named Beatrice - with whom he seems to share little chemistry. Mihaela chose her son's bride when he was a young child of seven. It's crucial, she claims, that this union continues the familial bloodline that will ensure the longevity of their witchy traditions.

The ceremony promises to be the grandest witch event of the decade. The family indulges in a series of pre-wedding rituals - a concert of cleansing waters, spells and burning sage designed to scare away bad spirits. There are frays at the seams of this union, however. The bride seems rehearsed and pressured to wed at such an early age, and without a partner of her own choosing. Meanwhile, the priest, who is fully expecting to conduct a traditional religious ceremony, is oblivious to the witch rituals that will also play a part.

Throughout the journey to the big day, we learn the challenges that await the young bride as the torch bearer of tradition within the family. We also understand the hopes and ambitions that reside within the heart of her domineering mother-in-law. Success is ensured, the mother says, because she has done her due diligence in casting the proper spells.

Will the wedding go off without a hitch? Will this young couple live happily ever after? The anticipation of these answers is a significant part of the allure of My Big Witchy Wedding, as is the unique glimpse into this strange and superstitious culture. The conclusion does not disappoint.

Directed by: Grant Armour