My Life As a Gamer

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It's really amazing to see how the gaming community is coming together with the gaming industry in an effort to raise donations for kids. Gaming for Good is basically just a website where developers donate their games and when gamers donate to charity they get those games for free. Money goes to a charity organization (Save the Children) which is helping children in Malawi, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. It's one of the most effective charities in the world.

People always tend to thank Bachir Boumaaza, aka Athene, for what he's doing, but, as he says, what he's doing is merely being a voice and trying to raise awareness and it's the gaming community that is actually coming together and raising those funds. Looking back and seeing where they came from, and seeing where they're now, what they've managed to achieve together really puts a smile on his face.

You now the saying: It's better to give rather than receive, and Athene really felt that when he was explaining gaming to the poor kids. He says it's the best experience you can have... they saved a child right there in front of his eyes. They even had a U.S. Marine that donated his entire paycheck when he saw the work they were doing... he was so touched by it.

"Save the Children" is Athene's inspiration and he's proud to be a gamer because of everything they have been doing. At any point throughout his journey, his mission wouldn't be possible without them. Athene also often contemplates and discusses philosophy, science, values, life and activism with his friends. He even made a documentary film about his own theory of everything. But, all started when he and his friends formed an activist group and their first project was NEE - a political organization in Belgium.