Mysteries of Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene is a key witness to the most important event in Christianity - the Resurrection of Jesus. But we know almost nothing about her. The early church brands her as a whore. Movie says she's the wife of Jesus and a mother of his child.

But beyond the gospels lays another secret text. So controversial, it's been banned for centuries. A lost gospel that may reveal the real Mary Magdalene. 2,000 years after her death, Mary Magdalene's name is everywhere. But she remains one of history's most mysterious woman. To some she's a prostitute, to others she's the true holy grail.

In the Bible's New Testament she plays a starring role in the foundation of Christianity. The Gospels give very few details about her, only that she comes from Galilee, and follows Jesus, and once was possessed by demons.

Discover how and why the early Christian church was able to reinvent one of the most mysterious women in history.