Mystery Mind Maps

2020, Society, Art  -  27 min Leave a Comment
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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is covered with thousands of mysterious graffiti. Whoever is making the drawings seems to have been doing it for years and is probably the most prolific street artist ever. But what does his art mean?

Street art has become very popular in Asia. The colorful drawings portray many aspects of modern life and serve as a protest against oppressive ideology. This street artist, however, uses a black marker and has covered the city’s center with thousands of puzzling drawings that look like a combination of maps and equations. He writes in Thai and sometimes English and states locations and dates.

Bangkok is one of the largest cities in the world, so finding this street artist will not be an easy task. Passersby admit to having seen the drawings all over the place. Some say that rumor has it it’s a crazy person who’s doing all of it by himself but nobody knows for sure who he is, why he started drawing and what any of it means.

Finally, there’s a group of people who have seen him. They say he’s homeless and he’s mind mapping. Actually some of his drawings do look like maps of Bangkok. One man says he might be dangerous or aggressive and doesn’t like to be asked any questions.

As the search continues even more interesting details are revealed about this artist and his drawings. Find out who he is now.