Mystery of the Disembodied Feet

2009, Mystery  -  11 min Leave a Comment
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The real world of forensic science is rapidly expanding. Researches are finding new ways to extract clues from the dead.

But one bizarre case is pushing forensics to its limits. In Western Canada something grisly is washing the shore. Human feet. Investigators have little to go on. How do you complete a puzzle with just one piece?

In 2007, on Jedediah Island in British Columbia, a 12 year old girl walks along the beach. She stumbles upon a man's sneaker. Curiosity compels her to look inside. She finds the remains of a human foot.

Six days later and 30 miles away, on Gabriola Island, a couple discovers another foot. The two do not match. They're both right feet.

Five months later, on near by Valdes Island, forest workers find a third shoe. It's also a man's right foot. Nine months after the first foot was found the caretaker of Kirkland Island finds a woman's right shoe. Inside is a decomposing foot.