Networked Society

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Interesting documentary series that explores the population, connectivity, predictions, and the way we learn.

1. Thinking Cities. The world population is expected to soar to more than 9 billion people by 2050, with roughly 70 percent living in cities. At the same time, Information Communications Technology (ICT) is extending its reach.

2. On the Brink. The past, present and future of connectivity with insights from technological thought leaders including David Rowan, chief editor of Wired UK; Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr; and Eric Wahlforss, the co-founder of Soundcloud.

3. Shaping Ideas. During the course of a year we traveled the world interviewing top thinkers to gather their predictions regarding how we will see the world in year 2020. Their insights touched on many aspects of modern society; communication, female empowerment, the health of our planet and the future for young people.

4. The Future of Learning. Technology has enabled us to interact, innovate and share in whole new ways. This dynamic shift in mindset is creating profound change throughout our society. The Future of Learning looks at one part of that change, the potential to redefine how we learn and educate.