Never Get Busted

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Former police officer and decorated U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officer turned anti-drug-war lecturer Barry Cooper's Never Get Busted documentary series is the episode of Cops you wish you they'd air. After a decorated career busting large-scale drug trafficking operations, Cooper uses his vast accumulation of knowledge and experience working on the official side of the law to teach you how to do everything within your power to stay out of jail for drug-related charges of any kind.

Volume 1 deals in a range of traffic stop-related matters:

Volume 2 covers topics dealing with police organizations raiding your property, and the sale of marijuana:

The expressed intent of the teachings is for marijuana-related sale and usage, but the tips and tricks Cooper covers would be of use for anyone engaging in these activities with any controlled substance - so if you decide to do so, this is a pool of knowledge that could absolutely keep you from ending up behind bars!