No Ordinary President: Hugo Chavez

2010, Politics  -  81 min Leave a Comment
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This is a compilation of three short documentaries about the former President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

In the early days of his presidency, Chavez was attracting increased hostility from the Venezuelan middle and upper class and from Washington, who called for liberty and democracy instead of communism.

Hugo Chavez was the outspoken champion of Venezuela and the savior of the poor. But can his socialist revolution last?

The poor saw Chavez as a saint and everywhere he went red-shirted 'Chavistas followed. But his popularity always depended upon healthy capitalism. 'High oil prices allowed Chavez to mask the fact that he destroyed the economy' says one economist.

As the energy crisis in Venezuela deepened, opponents of Hugo Chavez' were becoming more vocal. The landslide popular support Chavez enjoyed was wavering as the electricity grid flickered between daily blackouts.